Since 2000, IMPACTO collaborates with different associations in its work towards the most disadvantaged, as part of the common commitment of a better world for all.

This collaboration focuses mainly on two organizations:

  • Missionary Sisters of Malawi (Missionaries of María Mediadoria)
  • Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Missionary Congregation: SISTERS OF MARÍA MEDIADORA


Boarding school for orphaned girls and youngsters attending secondary school in the city of Lilongwe.

Training house for future Malawian missionaries.

Library open to students and people from the area, sewing workshop and computer courses.

Currently they live and depend entirely on the boarding school: 70 girls.

In it orphan girls without resources live, study and train, and the goal is to finish their high school studies and have access to university.

In addition to school classes, food, training and library, they have sewing and computer lessons and all the emotional support given by the Missionary Sisters.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Impacto sponsors a child for each employee. This implies having a direct link with rural India and following the children’s evolution through their letters, drawings and photographs.

We are guaranteeing access to these children to education, health care and decent housing. In addition to improving the living conditions of their family and their community.

Missionary Sisters of María Mediadora

The Missionary Sisters of Mary Mediadora, founded in 1942, dedicate their work and effort on improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged among the poor: Children and the Elderly. Their work with the most disadvantaged populations focuses on two fundamental aspects: the improvement of living conditions through social/health care and education, foundation for a better future for the following generations.

Throughout the years, the work of the Missionaries of María Mediadora has spread throughout the world, covering nowadays three of the five continents. Asia, Africa and Latin America welcome missions of the Sisters who,with their work and dedication, contribute to mitigate the ravages of poverty in some of the most forgotten places on the planet such as Malawi, Colombia, Honduras and India.


  • Staff: 75 (Teachers, educators, caregivers, kitchen … etc.)
  • Orphan children: 120
  • “Rain Bow” program for orphaned children: 850 boys
  • Pelderly “Sun Rise” Project

This home that welcomes so many orphaned children, consists of: dispensary, nutrition center, kitchen, orchards, children’s homes, schools for young children, 1st-2nd-3rd of Early Years. Everything is perfectly attended. Children have gained in care, especially when being supervised and controlled in their meals and education. They are very happy.There is still a great void, to know in depth the psychological problems that most have, since they are born, and that are coming out little by little, as they go into adolescence.

Volunteers are collaborating as much as they can in the projects of the mission; in the center’s pharmacy, computer classes for children, in the library, at San Matías school… The library has completely changed the way of being of children and young people in the area; During 1992, when this ambitious project came to light, hundreds of children wandered around looking for grasshoppers, rats and things to eat; the concept of school was completely unknown to them, and so was reading. The missionary sisters began by inviting the children, under the trees, with a stick in their hands to learn to write on the ground, and today 19 years later, they have a beautiful school, access to education, nutrition, schooling, health and future … a long and fruitful journey was made.