It is a system delveloped internally by Impacto. It gives away information about mailing campaingns. Our clients have direct access and can track in “real time” how the campain is going. At all times, our clients can download the results and export them to Excell or PDF. Aditionally, they can see detailed information such as the streets being audited, photographs of actions, a map (Google) including the streets being audited, etc.


Developed by Impacto, it is synchronized with the Audit Management System (AMS). It is compatible both for Apple (IOS) and Android.

The inspectors, and of course, our clients, can audit through our app in real time and see the results in our AMS.


It is a GIS (Geographic Information System) developed by Impacto.

Some of the most important Geoimpacto’s uses include:

  • Optimization of areas and mailing quantities
  • Geopositioning of stores and competition
  • Definition of a ranking (or scoring) of areas depending on defined criteria:

Target presence, households, spendings, distance to stores, Competition, etc.

The information feeds on the National Institute of Statistics (NIE): NIE census, ECPF, to which we can incorporate other data coming from the client, such as sales.